The Creators of Citizen

The entire crew of Citizen was made up of a group of talented female and non-binary filmmakers.



Leah Carlisle is an up and coming documentary filmmaker. Leah got her start in film unexpectedly during graduate school where she was receiving a degree in occupational therapy. During her last semester, Leah produced and directed a 30 minute documentary on the trials transgender individuals face in the healthcare system and how providers can adjust their practice to give competent, client-based care. Years of study in occupational therapy have given Leah an edge in making personal connections and building rapport with subjects, which is so vital in providing the most truthful feel to a documentary. After completing this documentary, it was clear that sharing people’s life stories in the most authentic and engaging way to create social change was a passion she had to follow through with. Leah moved to Austin, Texas where she enrolled in a documentary film class through Austin School of Film and continued her pursuit of perfecting the art of documentary filmmaking. Since then Leah has been involved in 4 documentaries and is in the process of creating her latest documentary for social change, Citizen.

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Mariana is a freelance filmmaker and cinematographer based in Austin, TX. She is a recent graduate of the film program at UT Austin where she furthered developed her knowledge of lighting, directing and storytelling. As a queer and proud Xicana creative with a strong background in artistic and fictional realms, she is excited to take part in more non-profit and documentary work to tell the stories that need to be heard.



Jodie spent over five years working in digital marketing & advertising before getting into filmmaking and producing. Her work in marketing taught her that she loves collaborating on teams, organization, and good communication, which is why producing is a natural path for her. Since moving to Austin in the fall of 2018, she has produced three short narrative films currently in post-production; Lotus, Denied, and Spin. She is currently producing a feature documentary about the intersection of science and well-being, as well as short fiction coming-of-age film about friendship and reproductive rights in Texas. As a filmmaker, she wants to tell stories on the immigrant and minority experience in America, and is currently working on a short documentary that explores her own adoption from Korea into a predominantly white community.


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Morgan Honaker

Sound Engineer

Morgan Honaker is an audio engineer based in Austin, Texas who specializes in post-production sound mixing and design for feature films, documentaries, narrative shorts, and podcasts. When she's not wearing headphones, Morgan enjoys playing board games, practicing piano, and baking bread. Morgan grew up in a rural South Carolina town where knowledge of and access to women's health and reproductive care was severely limited, so her attachment to Citizen and its message is just as personal as it is professional.

Hannah Barker

Camera b

Hannah is an Austin-based cinematographer with a bent toward female-driven narratives. With a background in documentary filmmaking and photojournalism, her work seeks to draw out the raw human emotion nested within any narrative. Over the last year, she has collaborated on several female-led short films, music videos, and documentaries. These collaborations helped shape her style of visual storytelling through the persistent exploration of the feminine perspective and aesthetic.

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Robyn Wheelock

Production Assistant

Robyn is a multimedia artist and storyteller based in San Antonio, Texas. She graduated from Trinity University in 2017. In 2018 she began working as a counselor and scholarship coordinator for the Summer Art Studios at the Southwest School of Art, where she continues to serve as an assistant instructor for youth and community art programs. Recently, Robyn has worked as a Script Supervisor for the production "Stolen Innocence" as part of the Austin 48 Hour Film Festival, and has served as a Production Assistant for several film and TV productions, including the short film "Lovebites," the HBO comedy special "Entre Nos," and the AMC Original Series Fear the Walking Dead. She also serves as the host and producer of the podcast The Peak, a talk show about intimacy, consent, and communication in the age of #metoo. In her free time, Robyn loves to paint, weave, and cook with her partner, James.

Jaclyn Fleming


Jaclyn is an Austin local gaffer, filmmaker, and avid bread baker (who also has a penchant for rhymes). She met Leah on a narrative project in 2018, and fell in love with her passion and determination to tell stories that need to be told, no matter how divisive.

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Hannah Zamora

Production Assistant

Hannah Marie is a photographer, artist and videographer out of Austin, TX. She enjoys riding her bike around town, sport climbing, walking her adorable beagle mix, and drinking midday cortados. Her areas of passions and creativity are easily translated into her photography, while her intelligence, welcoming spirit and spunk make her anybody’s friend.

Erin Miller

Associate Producer

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Erin started making films with her brother by borrowing equipment from their community television center. After an enriching 4 years at Syracuse University, she started her own production company that specialized in making promotional videos for startups and small businesses. Erin pivoted towards producing films after the successful premiere of her first short, "No Nuts," (now streaming on Amazon Prime) a romantic comedy about two camp counselors that fall in love at a summer camp for kids allergic to peanuts. She values diverse representation on and off set, sharing friends' films, and honest expression of self.


A Portrait.jpg

A Wörtz

Graphic Designer

A is a rebellious designer and filmmaker out of Austin, TX. She received her undergraduate degree in graphic design from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Her work, in all mediums, focuses on female empowerment, disordered eating and accessibility. When she’s not deep-diving into Photoshop, she likes to rock-climb, walk her dog and bake all sorts of treats for her friends.